Mr. Larry G. Watson retired from the corporation in 1991. The present corporate structure was formed in 2002 upon the
retirement of Mr. Allen H. McMachen. Currently, Mr. Randy B. Ligman, P.S. is president and Mr. Patrick D. Flanagan, P.E. is vice
president of the corporation.

Mr. Randy B. Ligman, P.S. supervises and directs survey operations. He joined Ingersoll, Watson & McMachen, Inc. in 1985
following nine years of surveying experience within the Kalamazoo area. Mr. Ligman is a graduate of Ferris State University and
is a Licensed Professional Land Surveyor in Michigan.

Mr. Patrick D. Flanagan, P.E. supervises all engineering projects. He joined Ingersoll, Watson & McMachen, Inc. in 1989 following
two years of experience with a private engineering firm in Massachusetts. Mr. Flanagan is a graduate of Montana State University
and is a Licensed Professional Engineer in Michigan.

A continuing effort to provide up to date and efficient services is evidenced by the investment in modern quality equipment and
involvement in continuing education through professional societies. Field crews are fully equipped
with electronic distance measuring and data collection equipment, along with modern precision survey instruments, including
GPS. Office operations are supported by in-house computers and CAD capabilities.

Site engineering, land surveying, topographic mapping, and construction layout are principal services offered. Wide experience
has been gained in design and layout of sewer, water and drainage systems for subdivisions, apartment projects, and many types
of commercial, industrial and educational projects
The firm was initially established in 1952 by Wayland D. Ingersoll, a Professional Civil
Engineer and Licensed Land Surveyor, as a proprietorship offering engineering and
surveying services.

Mr. Larry G. Watson, P.E. and Mr. Allen H. McMachen, P.S., both having been employed
by Mr. Ingersoll since 1959, joined with Mr. Ingersoll in 1969 to establish and become
principals in Ingersoll, Watson & McMachen, Inc.

Upon the death of Mr. Ingersoll in 1970, the firm continued to operate under the
ownership and direction of the remaining two principals.