Borgess Hospital Parking & Utilities Design & Layout Bronson Hospital
Construction Layout, Multi-Story Building Galesburg-Augusta Jr. High
School Site Engineering, Design & Layout General Motors, Kalamazoo Plant
Construction Layout, Building, Parking & Utilities Kalamazoo/Battle Creek
Airport Parking Facilities, Design & Layout Kalamazoo College Boundary
and Topographic Surveys Kalamazoo Public Schools Parking & Utilities,
Design & Layout Kalamazoo Valley Community College Construction Layout,
Parking & Utilities Land Subdivisions Concept to Recording Meyer C.
Weiner Co. Site Engineering, Design & Layout, Boundary & Topographic
Surveys Mobil Oil Co. Pipeline Route Surveys Nazareth College Boundary
and Topographic Surveys Numerous Apartment Developments Site
Engineering, Design & Layout Office Condominiums Site Engineering,
Design & Layout Pfizer Industrial Surveys, Site Engineering, Design & Layout
Portage Crossings Mall Site Engineering, Design & Layout Portage Public
Schools Boundary and Topographic Surveys Site Condominiums Concept to
Recording Stouffer's Hotel, Battle Creek Construction Layout, Multi-Story
Building Village of Vicksburg Village Engineers, 12 years Western
Michigan University Parking & Utilities, Design & Layout Williams & Works
Engineers City of Portage Sewers